Laboratory - confidential clients


Research Triangle Construction has completed multiple laboratory build-outs for clients in the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.  Utilizing our deep industry experience and partnering with design firms, we have been able to maximize existing footprints of buildings while minimize expenses.  Out build-outs have improved workflow and increased satisfaction with laboratory end-users. 

Research Triangle Construction has also performed multiple cost-benefit analysis to help drive decisions. Some examples include the following: What is the cost-benefit of utilizing Uninterrupted Power Supplies for all lab equipment?  Does it make sense to oversize lab gas headers to allow for future expansion?   What is the most optimal combination of laboratory casework and non-laboratory casework?  Do all laboratories require ‘once-through’ HVAC systems? Is it beneficial to have multiple reach-in coolers or larger walk-in coolers?  What is the optimal density of HPLC’s?  Our analyses and feedback have allowed laboratory owner to save money while improving delivery schedules to laboratory occupants. All while ensuring that capital is allocated efficiently and future growth is accomodated.