Bodylase Skin Spa

bodylase Skin Spa, Raleigh, NC

The project involves a major renovation to an existing cool sculpting and skin spa. As the work will require a total ‘gut’ of the space, work will take place in two distinct phases. The scope includes all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, framing and interior finishes.

Early Schedule Development

Early Schedule Development

Schedule Coordination

Due to the aggressive project schedule, close coordination was required between Research Triangle Construction and the owner. Disruptive construction activities have been pushed to occur after normal business hours or during the weekend allowing the owner to continue occupying approximately half of the space during construction of phase 1. At phase 2, we will ‘flip’ spaces: The owner will occupy the space renovated during phase 1 and Research Triangle Construction will work continue work in the unmodified space. At the end of phase 2, both spaces will be combined. DELETE THE SCHEDULE!!!